Goat Milk Mac & Cheese

soon available in cups


Epic Source Foods

Funny Farm® and La Loo’s® welcome you to the goat milk revolution. We’re excited to share our passion for goat milk products with you and your family.

Our milk and cheese comes from family owned farms in Wisconsin and is 100% hand-made. We pledge that our milk is free from hormones and antibiotics and we always provide humane treatment to our goats.

Goats are the planet’s most sustainable milk source/tiny carbon hoof print.

Know more, live better

Goat Versus Cow Milk

90% smaller milk globule, easier digestibility

A2 Milk, Fewer allergen proteins

More Vitamin A, D, Protein, Calcium, Copper, Iron and lower carbs

Goat Milk Block Cheese

LaLoo’s Reduced Fat Ice Cream


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